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Explore the future through the eyes of renowned scholar, Professor Vivianna Fang He!

Vivianna Fang He

Prof. Dr. Vivianna Fang He’s research is focused on innovation collaboration, in the context of digital technologies and new forms of organisation. In particular, she has conducted an in-depth exploration into how open-source technology serves as the basis for online communities propelled by altruism, and how blockchain technology facilitates decentralised organisation and encourages a more democratic and transparent society.

She has co-written books on designing collaborative organizations and stigma in entrepreneurship, and publishes in top peer-reviewed journals including Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, the Journal of Management Studies, and Nature Reviews. She has presented her research at conferences worldwide, including the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, and Strategic Management Society Conference. She has obtained numerous competitive research grants from both public and industry funders, and taught at master level and above at ETH Zürich, and ESSEC Business School .

By exploring the opportunities and implications of emerging digital technologies such as open-source software, blockchains, artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technologies (DLT), Prof. Fang He is at the forefront of uncovering new business models that will enable organisations to pursue their social mission with greater transparency, efficiency and impact. Her research has already been widely acclaimed for its potential to revolutionise the way we think about innovation and entrepreneurship in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

Prof. Fang He is the founding director of the Institute for Responsible Innovation at the University of St. Gallen, and sits on the advisory board of the Center for Aviation & Space Competence. She teaches in strategy and entrepreneurship.

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